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Sunnen portable hone

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perfect for the home shop, will take a bore .010'' over easily with rough stones
will correct out of round and taper as its a ridged hone.

This is a very early sunnen portable hone. 
The same as what’s being offered today from sunnen as AN-112 / AN-815 hone. 

the current model stones interchange as the design has remained the same to this day. 

it fits in 2.5 to 7” (depending on stone set used) and can go up to 12” with a master holder / support.

tip. stones wear down in use, a well used stone set will fit a smaller bore

This does not come with stones

I can talk to the purchaser on how to set up and use the tool. It is easy, but first hand experience will help. 

a good 1/2 drill should be used 

and it helps to have a dial bore gage (even the cheap ones will work) in half thou increments will be fine 

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