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Remanufactured K181 engine block.  (You can alternatively use a K161 Rod and crank to fit a K161 application)

please review the pictures to be sure it fits your application. email if any questions.

Engine comes with new

  • Intake valve
  • exhaust valve
  • governor gear
  • valve guide
  • two bearings
  • complete gasket set
  • .010 piston

work done

  1. hot tanked and stripped
  2. .010 bored and honed oversize
  3. file fit piston rings 
  4. exhaust valve guide replaced
  5. three angle cut valve seats
  6. New valves intake and exhaust
  7. valve to stem clearance set
  8. Deck inspected touched up
  9. Lifters reconditioned 
  10. PRE ACR camshaft polished
  11. New bearing installed (comes with both bearings)
  12. new governor gear installed 
  13. internal block oil coated
  14. primed